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Architectural concrete in interior

A relatively new technique that is currently very popular and in demand. The appearance of the technique of imitated architectural concrete can take different forms, mainly due to its realisation, individual approach, imagination, and the material used by a craftsman who applied the decorative plaster. Each customer has his/her own needs.



Hundreds of different designs


There is more than one variation of concrete plaster: the surface can be smooth, textured, patchy, with vintage design, or even with a final coating, which acknowledges the imitation of formwork, including the use of distance concrete pads that are inserted in the formwork together with the steel reinforcement in order to prevent any contact of the reinforcement and the formwork in the course of concreting, which is undesirable.


Imitation of architectural concrete can be placed in spaces where the owner asks for industrial and fresh look combined with modern interior. Architectural concrete is used in living rooms, bathrooms (a final glaze or an epoxy coating is used there to make the concrete waterproof); it can also be used in reception areas, offices, on facades and the like.


Price is on request, depending on the size of the area and complexity of the selected design of the concrete. For more information, please, send us an e-mail to


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