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Tips and tricks of professional painters

1) Correct selection of colours and tools

Nowadays, what you get in stores is basically what the sellers want and need to sell (they get higher commissions on them, they do not care how the result will look like because they assume that if anything fails, it will be your fault, and most customers do not return the colours or tools to the store). If you want to buy colours, we recommend visiting pro shops. While there are trained salespeople in DIY stores, I doubt that they have experience with all types of paint; even professional painters working several years do not have such extensive experience… Each painter and craftsman are used to work with their already proven material.

- If you work with colour shades, leave a small portion of the colour aside (approx. 0.1-0.2 dc), and put it in some jar to use it in the future for possible repairs of scuff marks or dirty spots. Thus, the colour will better merge with its background, and no overpainted spots will be visible. We strongly recommend using high-quality colours that will not produce patches.



2) Do not make mess – covering over, and taping


- Areas around windows, door frames, and baseboards should be taped very carefully. This preparatory work will pay off in the concluding part of the work in the time spent on painter’s work.

- You should peel off the tapes as soon as possible after the painting, preferably when they are still slightly damp from painting – they can be removed more easily. Once the paint dries on the tape, and you want to remove it from e.g. a door frame after a week, so it will be very difficult to take it off.

- Cover the floor with a covering film, and tape the edges.


3) Where to find inspiration for painting – colours, designs


Just have a look at our e-shop where you can find inspiration for your interior and façade.


4) Cleaning


The better you cover the floor, windows, doors, etc., the less you will have to clean.


5) How to paint arduously accessible places


- The easiest way how to paint arduously accessible places, in particular corners of ceilings and walls, edge frames, skirting boards, various structures mounted on walls and the like, is by a roller or a brush.

- Some places can be painted with a brush, but the fastest way to paint such areas is to use small rollers or corner rollers (for ceilings and their transition to the wall).


6) Do not buy any gadgets for painting


Special gadgets such as spray gun or filling paint rollers are simply good for nothing; you will only struggle with them and get mad, and you will just throw away your money. Simply use classic - rollers on large areas, small rollers for pruning the edges and corners, and a brush for difficultly accessible places. Classic is simply perfect…

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