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When is the best time to paint?

This is a question that cannot be easily answered. But if you choose to paint, then do not delay it and try to do so as soon as possible. Not only you will have it done soon, but also you do not have to think about it for a long time.

Painting in winter

Houses or apartments are heated, thus, the newly painted decoration of rooms dries better. If you could not decide, whether it is better to paint in July or August, then do not think since June and August can be cold and rainy months as well. You cannot change the weather. In the field of building construction, January is usually a very quiet month. People are tired after the holidays. And that goes for their physical and mental abilities as well as bank accounts. You can benefit from the fact that January is a season of discounts, so go shopping because you can save a lot of money with a big discount. And if you paint during frost (which many professionals believe to be the best), then be sure to ventilate. When you open windows to draft, the outside dry air will dry the walls more quickly, and you will sleep well.

Do not be afraid to paint in the winter. Quite contrary, it is advantageous for many reasons. In the winter months, you can find really good companies for a reasonable price because the best companies are busy through the top season with large contracts and have no time for the smaller ones. And if you fear that you will have to ventilate a lot of after painting because the walls dry slowly due to low temperatures, and the walls may eventually become mouldy, it's not true. In winter, there is dry air in rooms that in combination with the heating provides ideal conditions for painting. The walls are warmed by the heating, so the paint dries much faster than it would have been during rainy summer months. You do not be afraid of smells because modern colours that you buy in stores are no longer harmful to health, and so you do not have to ventilate for a long period or overheat the rooms. You can heat the rooms as usual. Another advantage is the fact that in winter you can get colours as well as services of professional painters for a lower price because they do not work in the winter as much as in other seasons. And also, the waiting time for painting is shorter.

Before you move in

The best option is to paint before you move in. You do not have to clear away the furniture, paintings, carpets and other things, and cover them with sheets. Moreover, it is a logical thing regardless of the weather. When you move to a new or renovated house or apartment, you want to enjoy the clean, dry and healthy environment, and this is precisely what you get from a new painting. You do not have to worry about any season; each has its charm, its plusses and minuses. And especially in the recent decades, the weather is so variable that it is not wise to leave the painting of an apartment for the summer.

Before the holidays

If you want to do a general cleaning before holidays such as Easter or Christmas, then it is good to first paint the apartment. You have to have everything properly cleaned after the painting. And you simply have to clean the paints and their splashes. Thus, you clean up after repainting and also make a general cleaning of the house or apartment. If you did not paint your flat for two or five years, then it's time to do it. However, you have to make time and space for the painting. It does not matter whether you decide to paint it yourself or if you invite a professional painter. Surely, you will check the painter if he mixed the desired shade of colour and if there are no streaks on walls.



Read the painter’s references

Before you place the painting order, you should find out as much information about the given company as possible. You should read the references and recommendations of selected painters. If you know someone for whom they painted the apartment, go and have a look at it and ask the client whether he was satisfied with the company. If you do not know anyone like that, check out their website. You should not choose the cheapest painter. Have a look at the photo documentation of their previous work. Moreover, the company should function at least three years.

If you want to paint the apartment by yourself

Some people think that painting a room or a flat does not require a painting company, and decide to save money and do it yourself. However, if there are hardly accessible places or if you have not done it before, you should entrust your house or flat into the hands of experts. If you want to paint it yourself, you should select such a month in the year when you have as much time as possible. Winter provides heating, which facilitates quick drying of walls, as well as significantly lower costs and the possibility of immediate painting (no long waiting times). On the other hand, summer provides warm months that may entice you to paint the apartment. And you may appreciate nice spring or autumn months if it is not too cloudy or rainy.

You should paint in the daylight

You should paint in broad daylight because then the chosen colour looks naturally, and we can see better and can very intensively ventilate. If you start painting early in the morning, you can still check the results in the evening and do not have to light bulbs.

How to paint?

You should clearly start with the ceiling. First, you should paint strips approximately one meter wide in the direction of the incident light (from windows to doors). You should paint about two separate layers of paint; the second can be applied only several hours after the first one is dried.

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