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Sign painting and advertising painting

Sign painting



Sign painting is a traditional technology of writing and painting. Sign painting or calligraphy can be used for inscriptions and drawing of paintings, which are created on different types of materials such as paper – a traditional medium, but also metal sheets, floors and façades of houses, interior walls of houses and flats, glass surfaces, earthenware tiles, wooden materials and surfaces.


Use of sign painting


Therefore, signs can be found on interior walls, façades, cars and motorbikes, boats and airplanes. Currently, even different parts of human bodies can be painted. Children prefer face paintings while artistically oriented people paint inscriptions and patterns on other parts of their bodies. Secondary-school graduates as well as persons celebrating various jubilees will definitely appreciate unique and original inscriptions on cups and gift articles.


Modern use of sign painting


Production of commercials represents another modern application of sign painting. Graphic design is prepared, processed, and then produced and finally implemented in the given place. Application of corporate symbols, logos and advertising signs can be done in a traditional way, i.e. in the form of a painting or sticker. Currently, there are countless advertising films that can be used both indoors and outdoors as well.


By the client’s design, a painting can be produced on house façades, concrete, fences, wood, steel, but also on non-standard materials such as rubber. Last but not least, we can produce wedding invitations, flyers, business cards, brochures, guidance systems, banners, notice labels, calendars, motivational signs or guidance texts.


Application of the sign painting in practice


Thus, if you want to decorate your office with a unique multi-coloured or monochrome company text or logo, you can have the interior or façade be painted with any signs, company name, the address of your seat, contact information, advertising signs, decorative multi-coloured elements, etc. In this case, there are no limits of your fantasy, and we can create technological procedures suitable for your ideas.


Merits of sign painting

Sign painting allows you to place targeted advertising on the façades of buildings, where other solutions cannot be used. At the same time, application of inscriptions, logos or illustrations does not require mechanical interventions into the plaster, thus, there is no damage or disruption. Sign painting is ideal for gable walls that were already insulated. Sign painting represents an elegant solution for outdoor advertising, which is clearly visible and does not interfere with the character of its surroundings. Individual parts can be easily made more visible with the application of a logo of organisation, company or name of restaurant.

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