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Decorative plaster Travertino



In the times of Ancient Rome, travertine was mined in hills lying to north and east of the city of Rome. It is a durable and strong material that found its use in the construction of large monuments. The more the stone reflected pleasant natural colours and shades, the more attractive and expensive it was. We can say that travertine belongs to medium durable stones that can withstand adverse weather conditions and considerable weight load. Because it is a natural material with only limited resources, and whose extraction is rather expensive, people sought a way to imitate and maintain as close as possible its appearance and characteristics. Thus, a product called TRAVERTINO was created.

Characteristics of the Travertino

It is a product that very closely imitates the look of the original travertine. It very closely and elegantly preserves the true natural appearance of the stone. Due to its properties, lava rocks in the form of building blocks and grained sandstone, impressive eye-catching effects in different colours can be created. Its appearance can be adapted from semi-transparent velvety, golden appearance to very intense natural shades or even pearly variations.

Description of the Travertino decorative plaster

Special decorative plaster is suitable for application in indoor and outdoor spaces. Travertino consists of marble grains, sand and mature lime pugging stuff. Travertino mixture is supplied in dry form, which has to be diluted for the application, or as a paste created already by the manufacturer, which is easily applied, so the surface clearly imitating the original natural stone can be created. Its structure ensures adhesion of the product to the surface and excellent characteristics such as permeability, mould resistance and surface protection against adverse weather conditions. Therefore, it is suitable for modern and historic buildings.

How to apply Travertino

After scraping off the damaged peeled off plaster, the wall surface is repaired. The wall must be dry, mature and free from dust and other impurities. Then we apply penetration mixture. Travertino is applied to the surface with a stainless steel smoother to form a layer 2 mm thick. Then, the irregular structure of the layer is formed, and when the layer is dry, we smooth it with a stainless steel smoother.



Really incredible decorations, interior designs of fair masonry or tiles can be created with the Travertino. Travertino can also be used on façades, but it must be provided with a top coat against weather conditions. It can gain different colour shades that can be combined.


If you already have an idea, we will gladly prepare samples for you prior to the implementation.

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